About Us

Celtic Lawns is a full service landscape company, caring for fine landscapes across Greenwich, Connecticut.

When the Celtic lawns crew arrives, it’s not a race how quickly we can leave your property. Do the beds need weeding? Shrubs or trees require pruning? We take your entire landscape into perspective and address all its needs.

Our History

Way back in the day Owner Joe Gianfrancesco began pushing his dads craftsman lawn mower around his neighborhood, mowing lawns after school. One lawn became two then two became four the rest is history! It became clear Joe had a deep passion for the outdoor landscape. The lawns kept coming and thru his high school years he kept at it. His senior year he stood at a cross roads. Keep working and go to college or have to put what he build aside and travel for college . It was a hard decision but luckily another neighborhood Kid Andrew Greco was on the same path. The business was going to be cared for. Joe attended SUNY Cobleskill and studied ornamental Horticulture. What Joe came back to was amazing Andrew took afterschool mowing to a whole new level. He built a outstanding client base many of witch are still cared for by Celtic Lawns today. In 2010 Joe took over Andrews booming business. The growth has been steady and our portfolio has become nothing short of amazing. We look forward to what the Future holds for Celtic Lawns.